Saturday, 10 January 2009

Goths + Scallys + Emos + Indies = Teenage Takeover

Why do Teenagers hate each other? Lets ask the Kids at Dazed and Confused

Geff: So, John, you’re a bit of scally, aren’t ya?
John: Nah, I just hate them goths innit.
Geff: Why?
John: They dress like the devil innit lad.
Geff: What do you think of moshers?
John: What are they? People say all these groups but they’re all just the same lad.
Geff: Even skateboarders?
John: Yeah, they need to grow up – playing with toys and that.
Geff: You play footy, though…
John: Different that, though, lad.
Geff: Is it?
John: Yeah lad.
Geff: What about indie kids?
John: Like The Wombats?
Geff: Yeah, I suppose.
John: The girls are fit.
Geff: What about the boys?
John: Gimps.

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