Saturday, 17 January 2009

Colony Room Club, Soho

Around a year ago Sexual Hot Bitch Helen and myself became honorary members of the Colony Room Club in Soho. We LURVE the Colony Rooms, and like nothing more than a Sunday night SHB showdown at 'Show Time', a gin and tonic and some of Robert of Rubbish's ramblings to warm our cockles. We have many friends there, from Michael Peel, Robert Rubbish, Lord Bath and Lady Bird Bath, Chas Smash and Neil Fox of Le Gun.

Recently the Colony has had to close. This makes me sad: it's one of those Soho Art institutions that should always live on through the art on the walls, the gin and the people that make it uniquely special. Anyway, good news, they have found a temporary residence (see note below): so if you are a member or know someone who can ever take you for a Tuesday gin: get down there or take your friend UP ON THE OFFER and have an experience you'll never forget.

I am also going to do a seperate post about one of the Colony parties the SHB's played at before Christmas, but it is rather rude and I'm about to eat my supper: so I'll do it later.


Pending negotiations to try to return to 41 Dean Street, we have managed to find a temporary home on the ground floor at 23 Romilly Street. It's a bit grand for us but pleasant - and it will be good to see everyone.

Members and their guests are very welcome. Please sign-in in the Colony Room Club guests' book provided there.

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