Saturday, 31 January 2009

A thing for me

Fun, fun, fun!

We have band

Cover of Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls.

O yeahhhh

Download here

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cocknbullkid///'I'm Not Sorry'

Anita, you're so hot!

Goodbye Nelson

Nelson Rodriguez, part of the Microsoft community team has been laid off as part of the US cull. Who will we get our amazing community content from now?

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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Lucia est fabulousa


Old pictures of Stalin

Yes I have a weird Stalin obsession, and I love old pics. So, voila here are my three favourites. Incidentally, the first one was taken in 1911 upon his arrest, as he rose to the top of the Bolshevik party. Another incidental: these pics also feature on the back of Stalin's Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore. One afternoon whilst reading this on the 149 a chap commented:

"That story looks good. Looks like it's got loads of interesting characters in it"

To which I replied: 'It's a book about Stalin...'

The chap looked confudled for a moment before replying: "O. So who are all the people in Stalin then?"

Inwardly smiling I then tried to explain that the pictures were in fact all of the same person.

I don't think he believed me for one nano second.

Colony Room Club, Soho

Around a year ago Sexual Hot Bitch Helen and myself became honorary members of the Colony Room Club in Soho. We LURVE the Colony Rooms, and like nothing more than a Sunday night SHB showdown at 'Show Time', a gin and tonic and some of Robert of Rubbish's ramblings to warm our cockles. We have many friends there, from Michael Peel, Robert Rubbish, Lord Bath and Lady Bird Bath, Chas Smash and Neil Fox of Le Gun.

Recently the Colony has had to close. This makes me sad: it's one of those Soho Art institutions that should always live on through the art on the walls, the gin and the people that make it uniquely special. Anyway, good news, they have found a temporary residence (see note below): so if you are a member or know someone who can ever take you for a Tuesday gin: get down there or take your friend UP ON THE OFFER and have an experience you'll never forget.

I am also going to do a seperate post about one of the Colony parties the SHB's played at before Christmas, but it is rather rude and I'm about to eat my supper: so I'll do it later.


Pending negotiations to try to return to 41 Dean Street, we have managed to find a temporary home on the ground floor at 23 Romilly Street. It's a bit grand for us but pleasant - and it will be good to see everyone.

Members and their guests are very welcome. Please sign-in in the Colony Room Club guests' book provided there.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Old Russian Ads

See the whole lot here on English Russia, one of my favourite blogs.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Cloud of bacon

Stephen showed us this today.

The cloud of bacon demonstrates the possibilities of not always having to rely on flash to make a website have a little zing. Personally, I think that the day of the uber flash website is perhaps coming to an end...although I am a little biased being a blogger and social media fanatic. I'd rather see something a) in HTML so that it's search-able/more accessible or b) a blog, well because I love blogs :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Comic Relief

Occasionally in marketing land, you get to work on something really, really worthwhile. I love the brands that I market, but marketing something charitable, as I am going to be doing in the next few months, gives you this extra internal glow and feeling that clinching a normal commercial deal doesn't . SO, for the next few months I will be the Social Media co-coordinator for Red Nose Day 2009: "Do Something Funny for Money". This will involve being responsible for syndicating content to SN's, coming up with creative and strategic ideas, and above all driving people to raise and donate money online. This is a big challenge, but one that will have massive rewards. Not only will I get to work with some of my favorite online partners: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube and Flickr, but I will also be charged with trying to figure out how to engage the lost TV generation: the 'Youth Market': ages15 - 20ish. It's a fact: Teenagers don't watch as much TV as they used to, and as a consequence are much less involved with the pinacle of Red Nose Day: the BBC one night special where most money is donated in one go. So how do we catch these little hormonal dudes and engage them if they aren't into the show?

Well, we know from reports from nice people at Nielsen and ComScore and the like that this age group are definitely spending their time doing a million and one different things online, and in all kinds of Digital spaces for that fact: Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google, iPlayer, Flickr, iPhone, pod casts, blogs, digital music downloads, digital TV etc fact they hardly have an alliance to any one thing as they consume and use EVERYTHING.


Quite a mammoth task to catch them all in one place somewhere...but what a great challenge. After all, this generation will be the fund raisers of the future, and I want them to feel engaged, passionate and above all motivated to be involved with the campaign: even if it is just passing a video onto their mate, rather than donating loads of ££££££'s. Hopefully the £££££'s will come at some point along the line later on.....

So whether it's amazing celeb content, comedy, music, mash-ups, skins, apps, widgets, wodgets and bodgets, Red Nose Day 2009 is here for the digital generation.

Watch this space.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Music Videos

I love music videos. Sometimes the music isn't as good as the video itself: SOMETIMES, but not always. Some videos I am currently enjoying include:

The Kissy Video was made by Chris Bianchi, another Le Gunner.

I love Facebook status updates

If you want to know why, just ask Helen



Here is a short video promo for Smokin Jo's new outfit: TRNSSTR. David created visuals for the set, which happened at Red Light a few weeks ago. This was filmed by the lovely James Mountford. David is getting rather good at this visual malarky, still, this isn't a patch on Gordon ;)

Sunday, 11 January 2009


David and I just made this little animation titled 'SLUG'. Gordon the SLUG is a little character I created a few weeks ago for Helen on her birthday, originally as a necklace and in the colour silver. He has since been remade in pink. He also now has a lady friend; I'm not sure what her name is.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Frozen Peas are really pretty

Oddball Paul the Pony would look nice around my neck I think. Frozen Peas are pretty.

Sexual Hot Bitch posters 2008





I just had the most hilarious conversation with my mum:

Me: ''I went to see babyshambles last night''

Mum: 'you went in some brambles last night?'

Me: ''NO I went to see babyshambles last night''

Mum: 'you drank some babysham last night?'

Me: ''NO mum I went to see baby shambles last night and kate moss came on stage and sang a song''

Mum: 'is it a film?'

Me: ''is WHAT a film?''

Mum: 'Kate Moss is in a film you went to see last night?'

I love my Mum :)

I love Le Gun

Robert Rubbish and Neil Fox are two of my most favourite artists. Everyone should love Le Gun


I made this for Helen. His name is Gordon and he is a S L U G.

My Philosophy

"Don't market to the market unless you are the market."

(Entirely stolen from someone else of course)

Goths + Scallys + Emos + Indies = Teenage Takeover

Why do Teenagers hate each other? Lets ask the Kids at Dazed and Confused

Geff: So, John, you’re a bit of scally, aren’t ya?
John: Nah, I just hate them goths innit.
Geff: Why?
John: They dress like the devil innit lad.
Geff: What do you think of moshers?
John: What are they? People say all these groups but they’re all just the same lad.
Geff: Even skateboarders?
John: Yeah, they need to grow up – playing with toys and that.
Geff: You play footy, though…
John: Different that, though, lad.
Geff: Is it?
John: Yeah lad.
Geff: What about indie kids?
John: Like The Wombats?
Geff: Yeah, I suppose.
John: The girls are fit.
Geff: What about the boys?
John: Gimps.


Sauce Boss??

Last night Helen Sexual Hot Bitch and myself spun some tunes at our friend Kate Bones' night Sauce Boss?? at the Lock Tavern in Camden.

We are really getting into DJing. It's all entirely ridiculous of course, but then Helen and I both love a little ridiculousness :)

Here's some of the set List (kinda//not in order//plus some links)

Metronomy Break Bot remix 'A Thing for Me'
Robert Palmer 'Addicted to Love'
Felix da Housecat 'Nina'
Mobin Masters 'Show me Love' (Safari mix)
About 50 Chromeo songs
Noze 'Kitchen'
Tiga 'You're gonna want me'
Simian Mobile Disco remix 'Big Fun'

I had a new Grace Jones remix too, but I forgot to bring it.

French Bitch

First Post

Let's get it out of the way then.