Thursday, 24 December 2009


Review posts are subjective and boring. No one ever agrees with the author, and quite rightly so, otherwise we'd be a dull old bunch. Anyway, rather than a 'best of' I've decided to write a list of things that I've liked, loved, discovered and discarded, all in 2009....

Jack Penate

Jack came back this year with a new approach, and a different sound. Having been holed away for many months his second album is a clearly crafted labour of love. His lyrics have evolved - showcasing a raw, edgy, emotional side that makes ladies love him, and men want to be him.

Othello Woolf

Being slightly biased here, but Othello Woolf has come out of obscurity to under-ground in-fame in a very short space of time. Look out in Jan for limited 7" white vinyl released on Young and Lost - debut single "Stand".

Electronic Sheep

Knitwear is making a come-back. Not that it ever really went away, but wool as a design and fashion material gets stronger and stronger every year. Next year is going to be BIG, especially thanks to lables like Electronic Sheep: edgy scarves for boys and girls.


Taking over the world, the magazine goes from strength to strength, VBS continues to make great pieces of content whether it's reporting from a drugs den in columbia or on the latest new band to hit the scenesters. With the launch of their own brand and marketing agency 'Virtue', Vice is the under-ground 'Saatchiis' for gen X.

Cat blogs

Nuff said.

Weird internet stuff

Giant vaginas, time lapse videos, freaks, dudes, chicks, drugs, photoshop disasters. There's never a dull moment in web 2.0!